July 2019

“Finding Visual Patterns in Artworks: An Interactive Search Engine to Detect Objects in Artistic Images”, Digital Humanities Conference 2019, Utrecht

September 2018

“Artistic and Artificial Seeing: the Digital Image

Workshop: “The Digital Gaze”, Center for Media Studies, Potsdam, Germany

September 2018

“Reflecting on How Artworks Are Processed and Analyzed by Computer Vision’, Workshop VisArt, European Conference on Computer Vision, Munich

June 2018

“Urban Art in a Digital Context: A Computer-Based Evaluation of Street Art and Graffiti Writing”, Digital Humanities Conference 2018, Mexico City, Mexico

April 2018

“Understanding Art: A Critical Assessment of Potentials and Challenges”, Symposium “Searching Through Seeing: Optimizing Computer Vision Technology for the Arts”, Frick Collection, New York, USA

August 2017

“An Interface for Art Historical Research”

Digital Humanities Conference 2017, Montreal, Canada 

July 2017

“Revisited: The Concept of Structure in a Digital Context”

Workshop “(Art-) History goes Digital”, Bavarian Academy of Science, Munich, Germany